• Trio begeisterte das Publikum mit ihrem Konzert „Zwischen Himmel und Erde“.(..). Die Zuhörer zeigten sich begeistert und forderten bei Konzertende lautstark eine Zugabe.

    Trio wowed the audience with their concert “Between Heaven and Earth” (..). The audience was enthusiastic and loudly demanded an encore at the end of the concert.

    Heike Baake, „Hannoversche Allgemeine”, 2018

  • Endowed with the beautiful soprano, Magdalena Chudzieczek-Cieślar, gives concerts as soloist and chamber musician at homeland and abroad.

“Tygodnik Płocki” 2018

  • (…). The ecumenical sopranos, the Catholicist Agnieszka Gertner-Polak and the evangelical (Lutheran) Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar, were beautifully sounded in the temple filled to the brim. No applause is allowed in the Mariavite churches, but it was obvious that the hands of the listeners were applauding (…). Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar, next to the Christmas carols, performed “Ave Maria” by Vladimir Wawiłow and Michał Lorenc.

    Grzegorz Polak, Ekumenizm.pl, 2018

  •  As part of the 1st Festival „Muzyka w XVI-wiecznej Kolegiacie” („Music in the XVIth century collegiate church”), „Centrum Idei Ku Humanizmowi w Łasku” („the Pro-Humanism Idea Center in Łask”) organized a concert of sacral music, titled „Pozdrowienie Anielskie Ave Maria w światowej literaturze muzycznej” („Ave Maria, the Angelic Greeting in World Musical Literature”). The concert was exceptional not only thanks to the excellent vocal and instrumental performances, but also because of the artists: Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar (soprano) from Pabianice, (…) Right before 7 PM, the audience filled the collegiate church to the brim (…) And they sang, solo and in a duet, the most famous and beautiful Ave Marias, from ancient till modern times. Her beautiful, lyrical, warm-sounding soprano sang R. Schumann, C. Saint- Saëns, M. Lorenc (…) The ladies were also most charming while singing V. Bellini and G. Caccini together (…) Amazed and moved, the audience rewarded the performers with a standing applause. The music  of the collegiate church truly touched the listeners’ hearts.

    Mój Łask („My Łask”), nr 29/2017

  • Sincere thanks for the performance supporting the Charity Concert for building the new Education-Rehabilitation Center „Szansa” („Chance”) in Piotrków Trybunalski.

    Hanna Gural, Director of the Education-Rehabilitation Center „Szansa”, Piotrków Trybunalski, 2017

  • The administration and auditors of the University of the Third Age in Pabianice give their heartfelt gratitude for the lecture „Carols and Christmas songs” and the concert „Narodziła nam się dobroć” („the birth of goodness”), which inspired our listeners with the holiday spirit. Your cooperation offers our auditors many wonderful experiences. (…).

    Ewa Wadowska-Filarska, President of the University of the Third Age in Pabianice, 2016

  • (…) The magnificent soprano, Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar, accepted our invitation and performed a number of beautiful musical pieces, providing our audience with an excellent musical feast. The singer was accompanied by Anastazja Wilczkowska, pianist. (…).  Naturally, we could not miss the joint performances of Mrs. Magda and the Gloria choir, accompanied by Ewelina Bachul. The carol „Gdy Śliczna Panna” put the audience in a blissful mood, as evidenced by mayor Krzysztof Glajcar, who said: listening to this carol, I felt like I was in heaven. The concert’s final carol (…) earned an amazing applause from the audience (…).

    Panorama Goleszowska, 2015

  • On January 11th, 2015, the B.V.M.R. (Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary) church hosted a beautiful concert (…). The „Incanto” choir gave a fantastic performance, both alone and accompanied by the MKOS. The choir was lead by Magdalena Cieślar, who sang the soprano parts wonderfully, for example in Caccini’s Ave Maria. (…).

    www.skrzypcomaniak.pl, 2015

  • (…). In turn, two soloists joined the orchestra, giving a very atmospheric performance of W.A. Mozart’s Ave Verum. (…). Following the choir’s song, the soprano and mezzosoprano entered the stage, performing a duet accompanied by the orchestra for three arias from G.B. Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater. (…). The poetry and passions undoubtedly impressed and moved, earning a big round of applause from the audience (…) later you could hear praise like: a beautiful concert, affecting and reflective, a beautiful formula.

    Nowe Życie Pabianic („New Life of Pabianice” newspaper), 2015

  • A wonderful person, with an exceptionally beautiful voice and a captivating artistic personality.

    Dariusz Grabowski, 2014

  • (…). We wish to thank You for singing to honour our celebration of the 150th anniversary of „Zwiastun Ewangelicki” („the Evangelical Herald”) and the ceremony awarding prof. Jerzy Buzek and Jerzy Pilch Leopold Otto’s Award. At the same time we wish to thank you for a varied and original repertoire, fitting our event excellently, alongside the Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble. (…).

    Andrzej Weigle, priest Piotr Gaś, Warsaw, 2013

  • Sincere gratitude for gracing the concert inaugurating our „Let’s Save the Organs of Jesus’ Church” event with your singing. We are grateful for your help, sympathy and support for our cause. Sincerely yours.

    Jan Król, priest Janusz Sikora, Cieszyn, 2012

  •  (…) Sincere gratitude for joining the honorary committee of the conference against cervix cancer. Along with that, I wish to thank you for honouring the event with your stage performance, which was a balm for both body and soul, especially soothing when discussing difficult subjects. Sincerely yours.

    Anita Błochowiak, parliament member – Pabianice, 2010

  • On Wednesday, May the 13th, the „Lutnia” („Lute”) chamber hosted the last concerts in the cycle „Spotkania z Muzyką” („Meetings with Music”), organized by the citizens of Zgierz, the Town Hall and the Academy of Music in Łódź. The program involved only vocal pieces: the songs of 19th century composers and the most beautiful arias from operas, operettas and musicals.  Among the performers were: the Prorector of the Academy, Bogusław Pikała, and Julia Laskowska, both visiting Zgierz for the second time (accompaniment), Magdalena Cieślar (soprano) and Andrzej Niemirowicz (baritone). The atmosphere was exceptional, and both the audience and musicians enjoyed themselves greatly. After over an hour, the meeting’s culmination was the invitation for the audience to join the musicians in singing the chorus for the traditional Jewish song „Tumbalalaika” and the duet of Hanna and Daniłła „Love Unspoken” from the operetta „The Merry Widow” (chosen for the encore). Although the third season of „Meetings with Music” in Zgierz begins in November, the organizers are already inviting all music lovers to join.


  • (…) Sincere thanks for a wonderful concert, a fitting artistic and cultural addition accenting our countrywide conference (…).

    Prof. dr hab. Józef Stępak, Instytut Nauk Pedagogicznych, UJK Kielce -Filia w Piotrkowie Trybunalskim, 2009

  • (…) To categorize this singer’s voice in shorthand is positively impossible. She possesses a lyrical soprano with a beautiful, crystal-clear sound and rich timbre. An exceptional intuition and imagination bore fruit in the form of a unique repertoire, from baroque pieces (Händel) through the exquisite works of Mozart, the bel canto style (Bellini, Donizetti) until the operas of Puccini. A distint, though incredibly important chapter of this talented singer’s musical journey is chamber music, which she performs with great respect – greatly appreciating the romantic lyrics from Brahms, Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff . Through the afore-mentioned repertoire, she manages to fully express her sensitivity. Her voice shimmers with the full richness of its shades and dynamic palette (from the subtlest pianissimo with a warm, velvet rich timbre, to the triumphant forte at full volume). The next area of her artistic exploration is Mozart. She possesses an incredible intuition for aesthetics, which is crucial with the great composer’s works. Oratorios and cantatas also play a major part in Magdalena Cieślar’s vocal arsenal (the Passions of J. S. Bach, the Requiem and Coronation Mass by W. A. Mozart, Ein Deutsches Requiem by J. Brahms, Stabar Mater by G. B. Pergolesi, Requiem by G. Faurè are only a handful of choice picks from her repertoire). She is an amazingly versatile singer, with a great sense of aesthetics, allowing her to maintain her lyrical performance under control – a coveted skill among performers with such a wide repertoire – while not rejecting modern musical pieces, viewing them as another area open to her artistic exploration.

    Dariusz Grabowski, the Kraków Philharmonic – Kraków, 2009

  • (…) Magdalena Cieślar is an intelligent, sensitive and very musical person. We performed on many concerts together, singing songs and arias of composers from past ages (I accompanied her on the harpsichord). As a harpsichordist I had the opportunity to perform basso continuo during the Passions and Cantatas of J. S. Bach while Mrs. Magdalena sang the vocal parts. The unique character of her voice suits the style of music from past ages. Her voice is full of warmth and really brings out the emotions ingrained in each song during her performances (…).

    prof. Ewa Piasecka, Academy of Music in Łódź, 2009

  • In our city, Bełchatów, we joyously celebrated the 500th anniversary of John Kalvin’s birth. The occasion brought many guests from the worlds of science and politics, lead by the minister Elżbieta Radziszewska. As part of the celebration, a commemorative plaque was revealed, accompanied by a recital of songs and arias performed by You (Magda Hudzieczek-Cieślar) and Julia Laskowska, pianist. Today, I offer you my sincere gratitude for honouring our celebrations with the recital of songs and arias by J. S. Bach, G. F. Händel, W. A. Mozart, F. Meldenssohn and A. Dworzak. Your beautiful performance moved and inspired the audience, creating an unforgettable experience.

    Bishop Marek Izdebski, Bełchatów, 2009

  • I offer warm thanks for accepting our invitation and participating in the musical project – CONCERT WITH NEWS. Thank you so much for a beautiful performance of Antony Dworzak’s „Pieśni Biblijne” („Bible Songs”) and for presenting us with spiritual and artistic sensations.

    Bishop Marek Izdebski, Zelów, 2009

  • (…) finally, the joy of the audience attending the performance of the Ustroń-born soprano, Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar. (…) At the concert, we saw and heard an accomplished and excellent artist.

    Gazeta Ustrońska („The Ustroń Newspaper”), 2007

  • July 21st , the day of the Jacob Days finals, was marked by the performance of Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar, soprano, assisted by the organ-and-harpsichord player, Krzysztof Urbaniak. The great singer was presented on posters as a guest from Pabianice, when in truth, it is the citizens of Ustroń who can be proud of her as one of them. (…) As for Mrs. Magdalena, her masterful coloraturas and glissandi, heard during the arias of Händel or Mozart, could bring to mind the songs of the angels themselves.

    Gazeta Ustrońska („The Ustroń Newspaper”), 2007

  • (…) and Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar, who charmed everyone attending the concert with her soprano.

    Wirtualna Polska („Virtual Poland”), 2006

  • (…) The Saturday concert was exceptional not just due to the music, but also the performers, M. Cieślar and J. Laskowska, who charmed the audience with their combination of velvet voice and virtuoso play (…)

    Życie Żyrardowa („Life of Żyrardów), 2006

  • (…) The listeners were amazed by the singing of Magdalena Cieślar (soprano) and Dariusz Górski (bass) and the organ play of Jerzy Dziubiński.  The Warsaw Chamber Opera has taken honorary patronage of the concert (…)

    Małgorzata Platajs, Director General of the Bible Society of Poland, 2006

  • (…) to deal with the challenging repertoire, the organizers invited two young, talented artists, Magdalena Cieślar, soprano, and Julia Laskowska, pianist. Both performers handled the masterpieces very skillfully. Magdalena Cieślar presented her confident, powerful, trained voice (…) Of course, they gave encores (…).

    Tydzień Żyrardowa („Żyrardów Weekly”), 2006

  • An hour of amazement and agitation. That’s how you can sum up the chamber concert held on Sunday, September 11th, in the Church of the Saviour. That night, two excellent artists performed, Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar (soprano) and Anastazja Wilczkowska (piano). This wasn’t their first performance in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, nor the last, hopefully. The combination of the expressive singer’s wonderful soprano and the pianist’s virtuoso play built a fantastic concert atmosphere. This time the repertoire included the most famous compositions of Bach, Mozart, Schumann, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Karłowicz and others. Every piece met with an applause, and the entire performance was rewarded with a standing applause. At the end, Mrs. Magdalena prepared a musical surprise. To commemorate the fourth anniversary of the WTC collapse, she sang a hit popular both in the States and here in Poland, „Amazing Grace”. She couldn’t have chosen better. An exceptionally touching a capella performance moved all listeners …

    Tomaszowski Informator Tygodniowy („Tomaszów Mazowiecki Weekly Informer”), 2005

  • (…) and I wish to thank you for gracing our celebratory concert with your performance, held to award the Piotrków Museum with the John Paul II Prize. Your professionalism and high artistic skills earned the applause of the audience and received very favourable reviews. The songs and arias rang beautifully in the Castle’s ancient halls. Your flawless, versatile technique and intonation deserve the highest appreciation. The fact you performed for honor, eschewing gratification, merits highlighting.

    Jerzy Patora, president of the Friends of Artistic Fires Society, Piotrków Trybunalski, 2005

  • Beautiful voice, high expression and elements of the traditional Cieszyn dress …

    „Zaolzie po polsku w obrazach i pieśniach” („Polish Zaolzie in paintings and songs) – Galeria Arkady, Tomaszów Mazowiecki,  2005

  • Paintings colored with brush and voice. (…) The  musical-vocal arrangement was top notch. Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar sang with her marvelous soprano, accompanied by Anastazja Wilczkowska, and brought the audience into an atmosphere of the Beskid region. The beautiful folk songs were classical pieces of Karłowicz and Tchaikovsky. Once you add the traditional Cieszyn dress worn by Mrs. Magda, you can say that the participants were pulled right into the world of Oskar  Pawlas’ paintings. (…).

    Tomaszowski Informator Tygodniowy („Tomaszów Mazowiecki Weekly Informer”), 2005

  • (…) The performers were truly excellent. There was the great choir ”Resonans con tutti”, accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of Zabrze Philharmonic. The solo parts, in order, belonged to: Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar (soprano) (…) The audience gave a great applause for Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar, who performed W.A. Mozart’s „Laudate Dominum”, accompanied by the choir and orchestra (…) And so G. Durlow brought the audience into the mood of the final piece, Mozart’s multi-part „Coronation Mass”. The numerous listeners absorbed it enthralled, then rewarded the artists with a tumultuous standing applause. Inspired by such a response, the excellent performers agreed to play and sing a fragment of the Mass for the encore. It was a wonderful evening. Time spent listening to Mozart’s music was not only a moment saved in time, but a gifted moment of beauty and reflection.

    Gazeta Ustrońska („The Ustroń Newspaper”), 2004

  • The festival „Viva il canto” in Ustroń opened the 2004 / 2005 artistic season with Mozart’s „Coronation Mass”. The performance was received so well that a part of the audience chose this inaugural concert as their pick for the best concert during the August musical holidays in Cieszyn.

    www.resonans.pl/historia.html (str. 47)

  • (…) The vernissage was graced by the mini-recital of Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar, an excellent soprano, accompanied by Anastazja Wilczkowska. She performed a very versatile repertoire, ranging from Vilvaldi, through Mozart, till the songs of Karłowicz, and demonstrating her exceptional abilities, both vocal and dramatic. (…)

    Gazeta Ustrońska („The Ustroń Newspaper”), 2003

  • (…) your beautiful singing voice and high class performance amazed the audience, evoking strong emotions and unforgettable experiences (…)

    prof. Paweł Puczek, Academy of Music in Katowice 2002

  • (…) music lovers could turn their ears to the beautiful voices of the soloists: Magdalena Hudzieczek (soprano) (…)

    Nowe Życie Pabianic („New Life of Pabianice” newspaper), 2001

  • (…) a beautiful, melodious soprano (Magdalena Hudzieczek) (…)

    Dziennik Łódzki („The Daily Łódź” newspaper), 2001

  • (…) the Jewish music moved the audience, mysterious and alluring, deeply emotional: the recital of Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar (…)

    Gazeta Wyborcza („Electoral Gazette”), 2001

  • (…) Nor did the soloists disappoint, with Magdalena Hudzieczek presenting her noble-sounding soprano (…).

    Gazeta Wyborcza („Electoral Gazette”), 2000

  • (…) while the soprano (Magdalena Hudzieczek) convincingly evoked the pain woven into the aria Zerflisse, mein Herz…)

    Niedziela („Sunday”), 2000

  • (…) The ceremony culminated in a concert of the finest arias by Bach and Händel, and songs by Rachmaninoff, Dworzak and Moniuszko, expertly performed by Magdalena Hudzieczek.

    Gazeta Ustrońska („The Ustroń Newspaper”), 1998

  • (…) The 100th anniversary of the choir’s founding was honored by the performance of its former soloist, and currently famous singer, Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar. (…)

    Gazeta Ustrońska („The Ustroń Newspaper”), 1998

  • (…). Bogusław Mec  performed great, and the Ave Maria sang by Magdalena Hudzieczek-Cieślar and Sławek Chmiel amazed (…).

    Tomaszowski Informator Tygodniowy („Tomaszów Mazowiecki Weekly Informer”), 1995

  • (…) Magdalena Hudzieczek charmed everyone with her vocal performance. (…)

    Gazeta Ustrońska („The Ustroń Newspaper”), 1995

  • (…) zum schluss Schuberts fruhe G-Dur Messe D 167. Die Gesangssolisten Magdalena Hudzieczek ( Sopranistin aus Polen), Frank Rebitschek (Tenor aus Leipzig) und Manuel Gera ( Bariton) verzichteten auf Manierismen und harmonierten aufs beste miteinander.

    hb WAZ OB 1994

  • Again, we wish to give our sincere thanks for honoring our celebrations with a skill-rich, wonderful artistic performance. (…).

    Krystyna Bednarska, priest Roman Pawlas, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, 1994